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Stocard App

Stocard App Review: Why You Should Be Cautious Before Using Storcard

Stocard is a popular app that lets you store all my cards, including loyalty cards and club cards, in one place, making it easy to collect rewards without carrying a stack of plastic cards in your wallet. While it sounds like a great app, there are several reasons why you might want to be cautious before fully committing to it.

Key Takeaways

  • Stocard App: A popular app that allows you to store all your loyalty cards in one place, making it easy to collect rewards.
  • User Concerns: Some users have raised concerns about slow loading times, limited features, and data privacy.
  • Alternatives: Other apps like Apple Wallet, Reward Cards App, and VirtualCardsApp offer similar features with better user reviews.

Stocard App

How Does Stocard Work with Loyalty Cards?

Stocard allows you to digitise your loyalty cards and membership cards by scanning their barcodes into the app. When you need to use a card, simply open Stocard on your phone, select the card from your cards stored, and show the barcode to the cashier to scan.

This app claims to save you the hassle of carrying multiple cards, making your wallet lighter and your shopping trip smoother. You can even add cards that aren’t pre-defined in the app, making it versatile for various stores.

How to Use Stocard on Your iPhone

Using Stocard on an iPhone is easy. Open the app when you’re ready to use a specific reward card, and the cashier will scan the barcode displayed on your screen. It’s as simple as that. However, some users report that the app can be slow to load if it’s not kept open in the background, which can be inconvenient during busy shopping times.

Stocard App

The Pros of Using the Stocard Reward Cards App

  • Convenience: No need to carry multiple membership cards. All your cards are stored in one app.
  • Eco-Friendly: Reduces plastic consumption by digitising your store cards.
  • Ease of Use: Adding new cards is easy; just scan the card or manually enter the details.
  • Space Saving: Frees up space in your wallet or purse, making it lighter and less bulky.
  • Offers and Flyers: The app shows store flyers, which can help you stay informed about the latest deals.
  • Card Assistant: Helps you quickly access your loyalty cards at checkout, enhancing your digital shopping experience.

The Cons of Using the Stocard App

  • Limited Offers: The sales flyer feature is available for only a small fraction of stores.
  • Performance Issues: Some users experience slow loading times, which can be frustrating.
  • Limited Features: Users would like to see features like cashback offers and coupon integrations.
  • Data Concerns: Deleting your account is a cumbersome process, raising concerns about how the company handles personal data.

loyalty card app

Stocard Reviews: What Are People Saying About Stocard?

While Stocard has its benefits, it’s important to consider what users are saying. As of July 2024, Stocard has a poor rating of 1.9 on Trustpilot. Here are some user experiences:

Pat’s Stocard Review (Posted March 2024)

“Avoid. App doesn’t work and there’s no customer support. Would give it a zero if I could.”

Claude Waddington’s Stocard Review (Posted November 2020)

“Be very careful with this company and how they use your personal data. The process to delete your account is overly complicated and raises red flags about their data practices.”

Mark’s Stocard Review (Posted September 2020)

“Hopeless customer support, multiple emails zero replies. Don’t expect too much from this company.”

These reviews highlight issues with customer support and data privacy, which are significant concerns for many users.

reward cards app

Alternatives to Stocard for Managing Cards

If Stocard doesn’t seem like the right fit for you, there are other apps that might better suit your needs:

  1. Apple Wallet: Highly recommended for iPhone users. It integrates seamlessly with your device and offers robust support for various loyalty programmes.
  2. Reward Cards App: Another great option for storing all your reward cards and accessing them easily during your shopping trips.
  3. VirtualCardsApp: Offers similar features to Stocard but with better user reviews and more reliable performance.

reward cards app

Final Word

While Stocard offers a convenient way to manage your loyalty cards and collect reward points, it’s important to be aware of its limitations and the concerns raised by users.

Consider the alternatives mentioned above to find an app that offers better performance, customer support, and data privacy. Using these apps can help you save money by maximising the benefits of loyalty programs and reward points.


What is the Stocard App?

The Stocard App is a mobile application that allows users to store all their loyalty cards in one place, making it easier to collect rewards without carrying physical cards.

How does the Stocard App work?

The Stocard App works by letting users scan their loyalty cards into the app, creating digital versions. When shopping, simply open the app and show the barcode for the cashier to scan, helping you collect points and save money.

Is the Stocard App free to use?

Yes, the Stocard App is completely free to download and use, allowing you to store all your membership cards without any cost.

How do I add a card to the Stocard App?

To add a card to the Stocard App, open the app and select the option to add a card. You can then scan the card’s barcode or manually enter the card details. This way, all your cards are stored in one convenient place on your phone.

Can I use the Stocard App on both iPhone and Android?

Yes, the Stocard App is available for both iPhone and Android devices, making it accessible to a wide range of users who want to digitise their loyalty cards.

How do I use the Stocard App on my iPhone?

Using the Stocard App on an iPhone is simple. Open the app, select the card you need, and present the barcode to the cashier for scanning. This allows you to easily collect points and redeem rewards during your shopping trip.

Is the Stocard App safe to use?

While the Stocard App is generally safe to use, there are concerns about data privacy and the difficulty of deleting your account. Users should be cautious and consider these factors when using the app.

What are the main pros and cons of the Stocard App?

The main pros of the Stocard App include convenience, space-saving, and eco-friendliness. However, cons include limited offer availability, performance issues, and concerns about data privacy.

Can I store other types of cards in the Stocard App?

Yes, in addition to loyalty cards, you can store various types of membership cards and even some ID cards in the Stocard App, making it a versatile card assistant.

What are some alternatives to the Stocard App?

Some popular alternatives to the Stocard App include Apple Wallet, Reward Cards App, and VirtualCardsApp. These apps offer similar features for storing and managing your loyalty cards and collecting rewards.